About Dilvin

Dilvin Yasa is a freelance journalist, author, commentator and mother of two. Her books Things My Daughter Needs to Know (2012) and Good Enough – Confessions of Less-Than-Perfect Mum (2014) are published by Pan Macmillan, and when she’s not writing for publications across the globe, she can be found travelling with her girls, drinking copious amounts of coffee and writing about herself in the third person.

What is Wanderluxe Kids?

Remember the days of sleeping in until noon and reading books poolside for hours? Ok, those days are definitely over (for now) but just because you have a small family doesn’t mean you have to be sentenced to a 20-year spell of “family resorts” where the design edict is ‘MORE PRIMARY COLOURS’. You can still enjoy life’s little luxuries.

Wanderluxe Kids is dedicated to travelling the world to bring you the top family friendly resorts (yes, a totally different thing to ‘family resorts’), hot destinations, and expert tips to make your next trip easier and more joyful.