Top themed hotel rooms for kids

Whether your little one is into cars, planes or fairytales, chances are there’s the perfect hotel room out there for them. Here are a few of our favourites.

Stay in car themed rooms

V8 Hotel Stuttgart, Germany

Got a little revhead in your household? Head to Stuttgart and check into this little baby for a taste of all things wheely good. In addition to four single rooms, the hotel features 16 design double rooms, a junior suite, Mercedes suite and 10 amazing automotive themed rooms. Sleep in it like you stole it. Visit v8hotel for further information.



 La Balade des Gnomes, Belgium

What little girl doesn’t love a fairy tale? Schedule a side trip to the picturesque town of Durbuy and head straight to this converted farmhouse. Featuring ten themed rooms straight off the cover of something from the Brothers Grimm, you can spend the night in a Trojan horse, with a mermaid, or in a troll’s lair. Visit La Balade des Gnomes for more information.

Bring out your inner barbie

Hot Pink Suite, Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

As strange as it seems, I’m a big fan of Vegas for kids, and it appears we’ve found the perfect place. The Hot Pink Suit could just as easily be renamed ‘The Barbie Suite’ and it’s the jewel in the Palms Casino Resort crown. The room 2350 square-foot suite features everything from custom Barbie art and a sunburst mirror made from 65 Barbie dolls to just about everything else you’d find in Barbie’s Dream House. Check out Palms Casino Resort for further information.


Legoland Malaysia

It’s just one in a series (there’s also a Legoland in Denmark and California while a Legoland is opening in Florida in May), but no matter which one you visit, make it an overnight stay and treat the kids to a themed room which will make everyone feel like you’ve stepped into a world entirely made of Lego (surprising really). Themes include Lego Friends, Pirate, Adventure and Kingdom. Visit Legoland


Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

The resort may still be a couple of years away from opening its hatches, but the list of people who have parted with approximately $14,000 for a week’s stay is lengthy. If you add your name to the list, you can look forward to sleeping, dining and playing under the sea as you enjoy a plethora of top-tier activities. Octonauts fans in particular will rejoice. Claustrophobics? Not so much. See Poseidon Resorts to register.

princess suite

Cinderella Castle Suite, Disney World

It’s the hotel room so exclusive no amount of money can buy you a night behind its walls. That’s right – the only way your little one can play out her own Cinderella fantasies in this amazing suite located on the top floors of Disney World’s Cinderella Castle, is to win it by entering a sweepstake or two. If she wins, she can look forward to a room complete with its own salon, bedchamber and bathroom located  just off the private marble-floored foyer. There’s even a 30,000 Italian tile mosaic of a pumpkin coach inlaid on the floor. Check out Disney World for more information.


Cockpit Suite, Jumbostay, Stockholm

Budding pilots will go crazy for this unique experience which features 29 rooms within a jumbo jet. All rooms have a flat screen TV where you can – among other things – watch departure times for all flights, as well as have access to common showers and toilets in the corridor. Your best bet however is to snag a stay in either the Cockpit Suite or the Black Box Suite, which have their own showers and toilets- as well as a seriously crazy set-up and view. Visit Jumbo Stay.



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