If the thought of taking your little ones to the Easter Show makes you want to get in the shower and cry in the foetal position for a solid hour (it can’t surely just be me?), put on your pretty frocks and head on over to The Langham, Sydney, where pretty princesses and lovers of all things pink can enjoy one of a series of exclusive  Barbie™ Children’s Morning Tea Easter Events scheduled to celebrate the release of Barbie™ In Princess Power in 2015.

With sittings running on Saturday April 4, Saturday April 11 and Sunday April 12 with a special Easter sitting for families on Sunday April 5th, families will arrive to a glamorous paparazzi-style welcome at Langham Sydney’s lavish new lobby (complete with flashing lens and personal escort to a private oasis of all things Barbie including a Barbie Styling Suite for those quick last-minute manicure and make-up touch-ups).

Once ‘decent’, the mini socialites will then be seated to peruse a stunning menu of hand-curated delicacies made by in-house patissiere, Miguel Jocson. We’re talking Princess Cupcakes with a chocolate twist, Rainbow Buttercream Macarons coated in hundreds and thousands, Vanilla Marshmallow Chocolate Biscuits and Old School Red Velvet Gateau Cake.

Adults will enjoy the Langham’s classic menu, including Blueberry Frangipane Tartlet with Lavender Chantilly Pandan Leaf Pannacotta, Lychee Jelly Pistachio and Cherry Opera cake, Peach and Oolong Tea Macarons, Vanilla Scones with Homemade Jam, Smoked Salmon Roulade with Caviar & Cream Cheese, Crab and Avocado “ice-cream” and Butternut Squash Tartlets with spiced pepitas alongside a glass of bubbles.

The cost for all sittings is $65 per child (booking includes a takeaway gift), and $70 per adult with a glass of bubbles. Visit Langham Hotels to book.

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